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You Have Been Replaced. Now what?

Lots of conversations this week about the changing shape of marketing, and the growth of the artifici
Disruptors Handbook
You Have Been Replaced. Now what?
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Lots of conversations this week about the changing shape of marketing, and the growth of the artificial intelligence revolution. This week saw a report about a US based firm that had replaced its marketing agency with an artificial intelligence platform and tripled its ROI, as well as growing its customer base by 30%. And it’s not an isolated case. AIs are replacing humans in insurance firms, legal offices and even in the classroom
The reality is that all jobs can and will be disrupted by technologies. The best response to the revolution is not to resist, but rather to capitalise on the change and find new ways to use data to create better outcomes for the people who will always, ultimately, be customers.

For: Corporate Innovators
Google’s Asia Pacific boss, Karim Temsemani, has called on Australia to focus its innovation ambitions on Asia.
"Australian government must rediscover its courage with innovation"
For: Your Crowded Diary
If you are looking for a meaty pre-lunch debate, there’s a talk on how Big Science can be value for money down at Lucas Heights - the AINSE theatre at the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation.
Distinguished Lecture:  Big Science can provide value for money - ANSTO
For: Tech Entrepreneurs
When The Economist starts talking about quantum computing, you know it’s beginning to worry them.
Here, there and everywhere | The Economist
For: The Global Executive
More than jobs at risk, with cyber espionage now considered the most serious threat to global business.
For: Innovation leaders
Big List of Hackathons in Australia - Disruptor's Handbook
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