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Why you should consider Design Jams

We know better than most people, just how many hackathons are on around the world at the moment. Qual
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Why you should consider Design Jams
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We know better than most people, just how many hackathons are on around the world at the moment. Quality of experience - and outcomes - can vary. But the hackathon is now so established as a method of corporate innovation it seems that everyone is getting in on the bandwagon and building tech solutions to corporate problems.
But sometimes a hackathon is not really what a corporate entity needs - at least not yet. Organisations often instead need to focus on a changing marketplace, potential new partnerships and adaptation of existing resources - all before they start building new tech. In such cases, a Design Jam is probably a better first step on the innovation journey. 
Similar to the structure of a hackathon, a Design Jam still involves collaboration and a pitch, but half the participants often will come from within one firm, and the other half may be made up of industry experts, customers and decision makers. The product is a program of work rather than a piece of tech. And the pitch will often be to in-company sponsors who will take a project forward. 
We are working on Design Jam projects right now. Often a hackathon will come out of these events, but the process helps company culture to better understand - and frame - a hackathon that will generate true value.
If you would like us to speak with you about a Design Jam for your business, get in touch

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