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What's your revolution?

This week one of the Disruptors is in New York for the next round of hackathons in the sextech domain
Disruptors Handbook
What's your revolution?
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This week one of the Disruptors is in New York for the next round of hackathons in the sextech domain, helping to build solutions for education, for health and wellbeing, and for human dignity. We are very proud of the work we’ve been doing to support this industry, partly because it’s in that hidden territory of wellbeing and activism which is about changing attitudes and understanding.
And in the last couple of weeks, we also joined the SheEO movement, helping to finance women-led ventures through radical generosity. Committing just $1100 a year, we can help change the bias against financing of female-led startups.
These small individual acts are like the the first drops of rain in a tropical thunderstorm. They herald what will become a torrent, revolutionising ideas, industries, trends and behaviours. And we believe it’s important to be part of these quiet revolutions, that change the world for the better.
So ask yourself: what’s your revolution? What projects, charities and initiatives can you commit to, that will be valuable not just in one year or five years, but will have long term, multi-generational benefits? Because while we are living in the Age of Agile, it’s still worth thinking about what we can do to make lives better for the generations that follow us.

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