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There's a Bot For That

When the iPhone was first released, the advertising campaign that accompanied its launch touted, "the
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There's a Bot For That
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When the iPhone was first released, the advertising campaign that accompanied its launch touted, “there’s an app for that”. Since those heady days a decade ago, the app-driven era has steadily been overtaken by a bot-driven one.  From project management to data analysis, share trading to temperature control, artificial intelligence has gradually found its way into all manner of functions. If there’s data involved, we are very nearly at a point where we can say, “there’s a bot for that.”
But how should we be supporting the bot-economy?  When do humans need to come in to moderate the algorithms that will be driving our businesses?  It may be great to have multiple automated systems driving leads, processing orders and delivering productivity improvements, but when all business is running on bots, how do we differentiate ourselves in the market? 
Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of the greatest opportunities to be derived from AI are when humans and bots collaborate more effectively. Instead of handing the reins over to bots and eliminating humans from the mix of decision making, it’s better for humans always to be adjusting algorithms to accommodate everything from fashion to values. 
As Max Tegmark, the author of a new book on the subject, says, “To a large extent wisdom consists of answers to tough questions. So I think it’s absolutely crucial that we get people thinking about these tough questions to get answers by the time we need them.” (Source: Motherboard). The way to support the bot economy then, is to ensure that we humans are thinking ahead - to the next trend the next need, the next problem. Because when we do that, we have the chance to be endlessly creative, competitive and unique. 

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