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The Bitcoin Bubble Babble

The Bitcoin bubble is upon us. As the price of Bitcoins on the open market continues to rise, analyst
Disruptors Handbook
The Bitcoin Bubble Babble
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The Bitcoin bubble is upon us. As the price of Bitcoins on the open market continues to rise, analysts are frantically gathering global banking perspectives on the phenomenon. In the meantime there are hackathons, conferences and seminars for bitcoin, and increasingly abstruse articles attempting to distinguish the technology from the exchange medium.
But what if you still don’t really understand what Bitcoin really is? We recommend the article, Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five. It’s still the best description of the concept and probably more useful than so many articles raving about the initial coin offering (ICO), without even explaining why an ICO matters. 
A lot of the discussion on Bitcoin at the moment is mere babble. While we don’t anticipate that the price of Bitcoin will be hit by a massive crash any time soon, we are concerned that the discussion about the currency value of Bitcoin is overshadowing any useful discussion about how Bitcoin can help fight poverty around the world, how it can combat financial crime, and how it may even help end war
Beware the babble of financial commentators who are more interested in where and how to invest in - or avoid - Bitcoin. While not all the worthy aspirations for Bitcoin are likely to be realised either, it’s worth thinking deeply about its opportunities - and the implications of these to other world markets - before you dismiss it as another frothy tech-bubble. 

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