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Innovation, success and luck

An article in Quartz last week argued that the success we experience in life is mostly a result of lu
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Innovation, success and luck
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An article in Quartz last week argued that the success we experience in life is mostly a result of luck. It’s a good read; there’s a tendency among successful business executives to argue that effort and talent always win out. They don’t. Sometimes great ideas and businesses go nowhere because they didn’t resonate with a target audience at a particular point in time.
But if luck influences success, then it should be the priority of every business to experiment - in order to catch the next wave of luck. Innovation facilitation is crucial to ensure that a business remains relevant in an era of accelerated change. Companies that are already successful must not assume that their preeminence will be sustained. Fortune - in all senses of the word - requires business to put itself in the path of new opportunities and innovation. 

For: Corporate Innovators
This is an interesting take on the reason for setting up corporate innovation programs in enterprise. We mostly agree; innovation shouldn’t be done for PR alone. But we believe running innovation programs in silos can also be problematic - and HBR agrees with us.
Creating Corporate Accelerators For PR Purposes Is Bad For Innovation: Here's Why
For: Your Crowded Diary
As a precursor to the next reading suggestion, we recommend this seminar on the Rise of AI.

Rise of the AI: How will it affect your future | - Academy Xi
For: Tech Entrepreneurs
Last week the Disruptors spent time working with Deep Learning platforms for innovation. For tech entrepreneurs, adding an artificial intelligence layer to tech is a idea finally worth considering. 
For: The Global Executive
Did you have your device by your side throughout the public holiday? It’s worth exploring how unbroken periods of device access can have a negative influence on productivity.
For: Innovation leaders
Leadership development requires experience in strategic decision making. 
Strategy Talk: How Do I Build a Strong Pipeline of Future Leaders?
And for those who love hackathons...
Big List of Hackathons in Australia - Disruptor's Handbook
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