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How's the summer looking for you?

Yes folks, it's three months to Christmas. In the southern hemisphere, that means that summer is just
Disruptors Handbook
How's the summer looking for you?
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Yes folks, it’s three months to Christmas. In the southern hemisphere, that means that summer is just around the corner and the “reduced activity period” for business is coming up fast. That’s okay when you’re on a salary and you get paid regularly, but for consultancy practices and small business it can mean a dry January in more ways than one.
For these “lumpy payments” businesses, it’s crucial to start planning ahead for the downtime, and to ensure there’s both regular income, business development and opportunity exploration on the agenda from now.
But what opportunities should you explore? Finding what can tide you over the summer lull requires opportunity prioritisation. You need to think about what contributes to growth, and what can build reputation, so that once February rolls around, there’s a legacy you can build on.
We understand the need to take a break over summer - it’s important to rest properly. But it’s also a time when you can build up a set of resources and projects that can be executed over the next year. Key to continuous innovation and competitive advantage is a pipeline of projects and content that can help feed business development. And a quiet summer may be the best time to do that.
So how does your summer look now? And what can you do *now* to ensure that you balance the need for rest as well as income, projects and improved reputation?

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