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How New Science is Affecting Business

It's National Science Week here in Australia, and there are lots of activities and events to celebrat
Disruptors Handbook
How New Science is Affecting Business
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It’s National Science Week here in Australia, and there are lots of activities and events to celebrate the week. We thought we’d celebrate by listing some of our favourite recent scientific discoveries that could impact business in coming years.
  • Google’s Neural Conversation Model is a method for teaching chatbots to learn how to communicate with humans, without us having to program a chatbot. What that means is that if you have a customer service in your business, you may be able to have a chatbot serve you. You can also use the same tech to act as a personal assistant and make all your bookings for you.
  • A joint research project between China and Austria culminated in the first quantum video call, where sensitive data was transmitted in an effectively ‘unhackable’ format. Because the data is embedded in entangled particles of light, rather than transported in packets abiding mathematical rules, the data is more secure. For business, this means we may be able to better secure personal information or data across international boundaries.
  • The shapes in office environments affect the way customers think about your business. Research from the US has suggested that hard angles in offices work best for busy environments, and rounded edges and more circular objects receive a positive response in quiet offices.
  • New materials may make batteries charge faster. Yes please.
  • The scent of coffee makes you better at mathematical and computational thinking. Or doing things like number crunching in the office. No, really.
And remember folks, science isn’t just something we are grateful for when we have to visit a doctor. It’s something that pervades all aspects of our lives - and increasingly, our businesses. It’s worth keeping an eye on scientific discoveries, if we want to stay ahead of the game.

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