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Fear of Disruption is Dangerous

The reason why we call ourselves the Disruptor's Handbook, is that we know disruption is coming to ma
Disruptors Handbook
Fear of Disruption is Dangerous
By Disruptors Handbook • Issue #65 • View online
The reason why we call ourselves the Disruptor’s Handbook, is that we know disruption is coming to many (if not most) businesses, we know there’s a way to navigate through it, and we think that sharing the resources for facilitating disruption helps people feel more comfortable with the process.
In other words, we turn disruption into something positive.
But many commentators and businesses see disruption as something to resist. Or worse, they use the prospect of disruption as a reason not to innovate, or adapt their business processes to changing consumer behaviours and supply systems. And they do this precisely because they fear the future. 
New research is demonstrating that this fear of disruption and change is actually more damaging than the disruption itself. Fear can negatively affect office morale, slacken product and process development and restrict growth. And in using corporate inaction to appease frightened shareholders who see disruption as risky, executives are placing longer term health of a business at far greater risk.
The reality is that for most businesses, there is time to adapt and there are ways to develop a continuous innovation process as standard practice. Disruption is coming anyway, sooner or later, so it makes sense to have a go now at trying to prepare for it. Rather than seeing it as something to fear - putting the firm at greater risk - we should be looking at disruption as something to embrace. 

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