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Connected Gadgets are the New Guns

In a new book called Click Here to Kill Everybody, security expert, Bruce Schneier argues that compan
Disruptors Handbook
Connected Gadgets are the New Guns
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In a new book called Click Here to Kill Everybody, security expert, Bruce Schneier argues that companies should force the producers of connected gadgets to comply with minimum security standards in order to avoid a forthcoming privacy and security armageddon, where our very lives could be at risk.
It’s sobering advice. And if Schneier’s worst case scenario emerges, then connected gadgets could essentially be fashioned into weaponry. And what he is advocating for is Gun Control 2.0.
But how much do we and our businesses know about the connected devices we already have in our homes and workplaces? And how realistic is it, for firms to force producers of connected gadgets to be accountable for the security of these devices?
We are reaching an age where capability maturity requires quite sophisticated understanding of the vulnerabilities of devices we bring into our workplaces, as well as the mechanisms available to us, in order to maximise our data and personal protection. While there are some standards that can be applied to connected gadgets, there is no true consensus around the world as to how we go about conducting a security audit for these devices.
We are considering development of a module in our Innovation Cred program, where we provide business representatives with a guide to security around connected gadgets. Let us know if this program may be of interest to you and your business.

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